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Yilaqxir of the Obsidian Isle :iconprincesshamanarta:princesshamanarta 0 0
Mature content
Maria Sangrenta :iconprincesshamanarta:princesshamanarta 0 0
Shekar the Oni king
How many times
How many times I pleaded
Pleaded the Gods to take away my finely, fiendish voice
Within a dark blood-soaked path my fate is seeded,
Oh take the metallic chimes,
Dear Mother of the World,
Lotus-eyed Mother whom with your word
The Seas would part!  
Kind Mother would thou take this choice
Away from the pitiful slave!
Take the dreadful chalice away,
Take the blood-soaked cup from me!   
I have to follow the path to the Holy Jade Bay! 
Once I was a boy who ruled the world,
See the fear in adult men’ eyes,
All hail the Boy-King with Amber Eyes!  
All was an illusion,
My castle stood upon pillars of sand
And foundations of clay! 
And all was my misguided naïve confusion!   
My nose was not the thin and flat like the ones
My own people wished…
Amber-eyed Boy-King with moon-complexion, 
Am I the heroic Danish Hamlet or the dreaded Betrayer Mordred? 
What I would give, Dear Mother, to be like the copper-colou
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Beautiful fire
Beautiful fire
Dancing in a single, silken white
Here I am; a small dandle
A small dandle I give
To my uncle’s forlorn grave!
Unwanted old maiden in the snow
Here I lay, weeping,
My uncle was defeated by a hunter’s blow,
Here I lay forlorn, ruining
My white kimono draping,
To disappear in a trail of ashes,
How I wish to vanish! 
A small dream
Nothing remains,
But an eerie beam,
A melodious and tenuous voice!
In my memories,
There are no wandering fairies!
Something flutters, something roams
Within my memories,
It is the bubbly nostalgic waves
That makes my heart fade,
It makes it moan!  
As I ponder,
Sprinkles of melodies swirl
Vibrant palette of thousand hued
Birds seem to dance fly,
It is music, all of my memories are music pearls!
Music is a passionate romantic nude,
Music is an endless curl
That has led me to Enlightenment! 
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Of Northern-Bellanian people (1)
Whilst the candlelight flickered, Centehua glanced at the modern clock with a golden frame.  Safe for the muffled melody of a violin accompanying the exquisite chords given by a refined piano timbre, a small clinking tick-tack was the only sound which broke the bedroom’s silence.
Centehua had never heard such a strange, and yet, compelling symphony. The notes were either too quick, or the violin was struggling to accompanying the chaotic and yet, harmonious, tuned piano. It was an aggressive tempo.
Then, Centehua exerted to find the golden kinnara with jade wings clock’s face. It almost would take half an hour for six hours in the morning. Who in the world would find the inspiration to play music at early dawn?
The song abruptly stopped.
Touching softly the golden royal mantles on her European baroque decorated room, the young woman noticed there was an additional fur coverlet on her bed. A fire crackled softly, almost silently the refined sculptured jaws of a s
:iconprincesshamanarta:princesshamanarta 1 0
Raspberry encounter
A glass of natural raspberry and mango juice with ice droplets while laying on a soft hammock in Silvery-Anchor Hill beach… That was one of the few beaches where there were few people outside the fishermen and the reformed European-stylised school teachers. It was located in south-western Shunamari, and a peaceful beach among the Yotanji bay.
How Sara loved it, the small late 19th century French-inspired esplanades between the German service station and the seafront Russian cafés. It was as if Sara had entered in a completely different world from the traditional Northern Bellanian villages.
Between April of 1845 and 1974, it was a quite a somersault, the small Japanese, German and French buildings being no taller than two floors. In that early summer morning, the sun painted the beach with a delicate golden colour, the trees in the seafront dancing gracefully rhythmically.  
And yet, Sara was relieved with the fact no one criticized her long flowing silken skirt
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Mature content
Xiang's last memory :iconprincesshamanarta:princesshamanarta 1 0
Kinnara of Nostalgia
My mind drifted around,
It drifted to the soft greenish mound,
All I wish was to be loved,
All I was not to be shoved,
As if was a weak bundle!
Leaves falling in my favourite waterfall,
Leaves decorating your saree
Green is the shadow around your kohl,
Kohl dazzling, soothing eyes! 
Autumn magnolia, allow me
To enter your sunlit refuge,
From darkness can’t I be rescued? 
From darkness, allow me
To enter your spring-scented sanctuary!
All I was a pushed weak bundle…
And my country’s raindrops melded
With my bitter boyish tears! 
For my heart enlightens,
And these female tears melt my darkened fears
My heart enlightens
When I see her…
Plucking, fingering on the golden threads,
Golden woollen threads, 
You are my silken goddess 
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Mature content
Looking through a different window-pane (Part 2) :iconprincesshamanarta:princesshamanarta 0 0
Looking through a different windowpane
13th December of 1939
I could not help to wander around the old Falkenblikschlöss. It has more than ancient, Gothic architecture.  Everything about it, from the stone pillars to the paper holders and the delicate oriental incensory… All of this seems dream-like, not Germanic at all! I cannot help to get lost in this house. The rational, the normally professional self is not within my control. I feel like I have come back to my childhood. I am sneaking into Halle Opera House’s stage, and I am eagerly hoping to become the hero of one of father’s operas.
The first floor has a majestic music study. It feels I am coming into one of the Perrault’s tales, since the intricate dark wooden door has the bas-relief image of an Oni priest playing a small flute. Do I have my eldest son’s age?  
I grin discreetly at the whole foolishness. The mere thought of finding a harpsichord or an over one hundred year old piano makes the little boy in me feel a whole
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Random midnight writing
    2nd  of March of 1911   
    My dear linden tree…
    I cannot help to wonder how much you have grown; it has been exactly a century since I have seen you. I have a few linden trees surrounding the beautiful peach blossoms in my garden...But none of them could compare it to you.  
    Due to Saburou, my youngest son, I have managed to uncover the diary my teenage self wrote exclusively to you. These precious pages need to be kept in the highest shelves of my older collection of books. This fateful encounter with my memoirs happened when Saburou was drawing – dear Lords help me if he does not seem like a mirror-image of my childhood – and he happened to run out of paper.
    Being his “art teacher” – as I proclaimed myself with a little humour, since children tend to fancy the idea of their parents as children and as teacher
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Sara's point of view
I had to shake my head before ringing the bell so that the people  who worked for me could pick Clara and place her in a bedroom. I knew where I should order them to place her: the bedroom where she always used to sleep when she was a child. Her bedroom, decorated with a few of Katharina’s drawings of golden winged Kinnara with their swan wings and jade-coloured Eastern dragons on the walls, painted with a spring-like shade of green. I had the maids to place a soft, relaxing incense to hover around her bedroom. One of Auntie Abir’s Persian incensory would be perfect.    
It feels weird to be much older than twenty – or even thirty – and yet to look as young as nineteen. I suppose Midori has gone through that as well… And yet, I could not help to melt and to sigh from relief no sooner the Human valets arrived.
I took from a red brass-like samovar a cup of strong espresso and added a few drops of milk myself. Once again, alm
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Mature content
Igor's point of view (Mirror Realm Exit) :iconprincesshamanarta:princesshamanarta 0 0
Mature content
Adventure in the Mirrory Realm :iconprincesshamanarta:princesshamanarta 0 0
Clara Hoffmann profile
    ·        Clara Hoffmann  - “Michelle” (Beatles), “Reality” (Sanderson) , “Alone again (Naturally)” Gilbert O’Sullivan, “Breakfast in America” (Supertramp), “Poupée de Cire, Poupée de Son” (France Gail)
    ·        Birthname: Clara Hoffmann
    ·        Birth date: 10th March of 1951
    ·        Birth-place: Long Island, New York State, U.S.A
    ·        Sexual Orientation: Homosexual
    ·        Working as : Trainee of Cloth Designing in the Von Tifon Ladies Ente
:iconprincesshamanarta:princesshamanarta 0 0
Saved by Onisamatzeka
1974 - December  (Clara Hoffmann ) 

* Summary of previous chapters: Clara Hoffmann is the Midori Asagawa nextdoor American-born Jewish neighboor in an old condominium in Cy-bata Teito. Being a girl in her early twenties and working for the Duchess Von Tifon as a clothing designer, Clara barely knows the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the many magical creatures which inhabit the Bellanian Empire. After unconsciously helping Lieutenant Midori escaping from a man who was trying to abduct the latter, Clara becomes a target herself to the Black Magic criminals. However, not every Onisamatzkea is as evil as the former Blue Tiger Brotherhood members...* 
« Miss Hoffmann? » A chorus of two voices echoed in English  with a heavy, thick Bellanian accent.
« Thank all the Lords of Xibalba, she has awaken… » A voice with a completely different accent spoke in Northern Bellanian. 
« Back off, will you? The girl nee
:iconprincesshamanarta:princesshamanarta 0 0


The Painter :iconsanmandara:SanMandara 1,539 61 The Voice and Blood :iconhelenakotova:Helenakotova 27 2
Of Sawdust Caesars and Sheepish Kings
The congregation of men, placed on pedestals –
Wearing ancestral medals, surrounded by wraiths –
Gathers to watch their presence given appraisals.
This ideal facade, hides an impending faith
Of foes, with an agenda: "upholding the peace"
That ignites the seeds of anarchy and discord;
Of “friends”, those who hold on to power by the leash
Behind closed corridors, and a doubtful accord.
Yet, one ponders, who is the root of such evil
Which had divided into two factions of thought?
Their leaders, such blind, selfish and medieval
Nobles – how their ancestral ascension was fought
Is forgotten: history continues to sing
Of them being sawdust Caesars, or sheepish kings.
:iconshehrozeameen:shehrozeameen 4 23
Dark love :iconhelenakotova:Helenakotova 25 0
Updates at my end
Hello, snowflakes and trumpets. :wave:
so, things have been really lovely at my end! :squee: I went and saw motorhead and saxon live in Hamburg on the 9th of this month and it was fucking awesome! Loud as hell, yes, and the sound system was a little off because the guitars, bass, and drums were meshed together towards (what I assume) was the same treble and pitch. In a way, I couldn't hear them individually, and together it was an awful buzzing in my ear. :shrug: but somehow, somehow, pulled it off nicely. Lemmy and Phil are a fucking riot, and on that note, they really knew how to keep the audience alive - just by being themselves. (Kind of was missing in Judas Priest, surprisingly. Lemmy didn't once say "thank you" to the crowd, made it clear that they came to listen to him, and that's the way it will stay. Same with Phil. credit where credit is due, that's the approach as it should be :thumbsup: ).
With that said, rowdy crowd. They paid four Euros to get a plastic
:iconshehrozeameen:shehrozeameen 2 12
Sonnet based on bad pickup line
Its no mystery why the sky is grey today,
since it seems God has put all the blue in your eyes.
Maybe its cheese to you, perhaps you'll be surprised:
Cheese, like the sky, also comes in shades of grey.
Sometimes I feel as if the world's going faster -
Somehow I don't see it as a thought any more.
the sky which I see, has not really altered
Anymore than when to you my soul I had poured.
I guess that's why the blue in your eyes is held strong -
It continues to keep purpose, and does not fade.
If love were a color, then in shades it belongs
With which you see me; unless you seek to degrade
Know this, and know well: this soul you choose to disown
Heed me, my love, this is a crime God won't condone.
:iconshehrozeameen:shehrozeameen 6 30
Mature content
tu fui ego eris (I was you, you will be me) :iconshehrozeameen:shehrozeameen 4 18
amor vincit omnia - read description
In nomine Patris et Filii et Spiritus Sancti
My dear heart,
Forlorn have I found myself drifting between Scylla and Charybdis, ne'er a comforting pasture on which I may reside myself and my lonely wearisome soul, set adrift onward to the path of no return... I ache inside, so blistered is my plight, dearest, that I am unable to describe this gnawing thorn edging its way through my already ruptured spine - Alas, I am unable to fight it no longer.
Suffice to say my love, you would have out grown me, for I was always in your eyes a cynical old Bard, constantly badgering you with praise o'er your finesse and elegance; alas, my heart, my dear heart, I am unable to change - once the withered leaves of autumn have become senescent, they cannot become their former selves. Such am I, a fallen leaf of autumn, waiting by the forest shunned by the moonlit sky. Verily, oh dearest bird of paradise, how you would love these serene constellations that decorate the night-time, much as you would like to
:iconshehrozeameen:shehrozeameen 22 67
Mature content
MSC #1 - Petrarchan :iconshehrozeameen:shehrozeameen 4 18
Zuko :iconakarimarco:AkariMarco 56 16 Smaug :iconadonovan94:ADONOVAN94 23 5 ToriFel - EmojiChallenge :iconakarimarco:AkariMarco 74 10 Battle for Zendikarrot :iconalradeck:ALRadeck 1,207 51 Inside Yapi :iconyapi:yapi 74 14 Erik sketch :iconmuirin007:Muirin007 319 23 Yrel :iconjessicalicari:JessicaLicari 1,164 88


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(Naögi Positive Year of  1800, anonymous poem)  

Yliya, the goddess in blood clad,

Dark brown tresses falling over,

In her powerful Dragoness form,

Her scarlet scales shone,

Two hundred years balancing

Both the Serpents and the Men’s law,

Dazzling Countess with the flaming, deadly jaw,

Yliya, Human men knew her not for being a mother,

Or a sister or a wife,

They knew her for the strength of her fire,

She burned with a light of her own!

Silvery glowing eyes overlook the Obsidian Isle!

Silvery glowing eyes ruled over the Shunrasen Obsidian Isle! 

From his high steel throne, Ylaqxir defeated Kadr,  

“I fight where the Lords tell me,

I never ask why,

I bloodied the southern Drakes of the East,

Indradas the Hanging Beast,

Cowered beneath my claw!

I kill without consequence; heed no Man’s law,

I am judgement, and heaven is nigh! 

I will burn with a light of my own!

Neither Man nor Dragon question my birthright,

War is my song and my song is War!"  

 Yliya, Human Men knew her not for being a mother,

Or a sister or a wife,

They knew her for the strength of her fire,

She burned with a light of her own!

She offered all Dead-Children a cemetery

Of their own…But priests of the Obsidian Isle were weary,

For this woman was so fixated on purging

The world of vice and sin,

Even the carpets of her castle’s

She bloodied with the blood of her kin! 

Her power was so great,

The Western Jenalrar Churches trembled

At the mention her name! 

The Shunrasen monotheist priests assembled,

For the Fall of the Countess to scheme.  

Upon a moonless dim night with thoughts dreary,

They arrested the Countess, accusing her of bedding a man she did not. 


Yilaqxir of the Obsidian Isle
oh this name ...This name just reminds me of a new character's mother and all of her sadist/paranoid personality... I will probably divide this or rework this.  I will put this in the sociopolitical, since the other categories sound "meh". Mother of the Year, people (sarcastic voice)...

Firstly I think this is the first journal entry I do for myself and my friends for a year or more But hey...
My timetable for third year in first semester of faculty is not that bad....still.... would like better more classes in the evening and afternoon rather to wake up early ^^;  Just felt like writing the timetable (if it doesn't change) it will make it better for me to organize things.


:blackbullet:  Human Relations - 2 P.M to 3.30 P.M.  

:blackbullet: Business Ambience Simulation - 3.30 P.M to 6.30


:blackbullet: Intercultural Studies - 8.30 A.M to 10 A.M

:blackbullet: Technical Translation English - 10 A.M to 1 P.M

:blackbullet: Introduction to Economy - 2 P.M to 3.30 P.M


:blackbullet: Technical Translation Russian - 10 A.M to 1 P.M


:blackbullet: Intercultural Studies -  8.30 A.M to 10 A.M

:blackbullet: Technical Translation French - 10 A.M to 1 P.M

:blackbullet: Human Relations 2 P.M to 3.30 P.M.  


:blackbullet: Simultaneous and Consecutive Interpretation - 10 A.M to 1 P.M

:blackbullet: Introduction to Economy - 2 P.M to 3.30 P.M

Woah...I really hope I can organize this Translation and Interpretation (more in a business enviromment but I also would like to choose Literary Translation after this) with Economy..... It's quite a big difference between CAT (Computer Assisted Translation) with Technical themes like  translating software manuals or localizing a website and Literary Translation....  Unfortunately pass this bachelor or people won't take me seriously ...  Still hope to have time for you guys in dA ^^; not as much as last years but that's alright... Very curious about the disciplines tough :D
  • Listening to: Manowar Hail and Kill
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